/ˌɡrōn ˈ ət ˈ hōm/


  • a group of friends who discovered that sneaking into local venues disguised as the support act meant they could watch real bands play for free.

In their earlier days GROWN AT HOME offered audiences nothing but mayhem, silly string and partial nudity, with no real music to speak of. Inexplicably, based purely on the energy they brought to the stage, they began receiving offers to attend more shows and were eventually forced to pick a name, learn to play their instruments and write some actual songs.

Out of the chaos they wrought, GROWN AT HOME was born in Stafford, England during the Summer of 2002.

Originally an eight-piece musical act accompanied by a rhythmically challenged male dancer, the newly formed group proudly embraced the DIY punk ethics of the bands who inspired them. After developing their sound they took to the road armed with a blend of furious ska-infused political chants, contagious pop-punk anthems, and some songs about monkeys.

Priding themselves on their dynamic and passionate live performances, the band swiftly rose through the ranks of the UK’s burgeoning underground punk scene.

By late 2003, GROWN AT HOME embarked on a brief tour of Northern England and in early 2004 they entered the studio with producer Iain Wetherell (Capdown, Lightyear) to record their eponymous debut EP. Later known by many as “The Sandwich EP” thanks to the record’s artwork, the release proved popular with fans, receiving airplay on BBC Radio One and selling in excess of 1,000 physical copies.

In early 2005, after a jam-packed year of touring, the band were recruited by Hidden Talent Booking (Reel Big Fish, King Prawn) and hit the road for a month long nationwide tour supporting UK stalwarts Howards Alias and Sonic Boom Six. It was this tour which first brought the band to the attention of the UK underground scene at large.

Grown At Home album tour poster

In 2006, GROWN AT HOME snuck into Street Level Studios (The Crimea, Adequate Seven) to record their first full length album, Assemble. The album saw the band fully honing their sound, with flying brass and bouncing guitars smashed alongside infectious hooks and melodies. With their debut record ready to go, the band set out on a vigorous touring schedule, taking in towns and cities across the UK. They also embarked on an extensive European Tour in 2007 supporting Californian ska-punk veterans Voodoo Glow Skulls.

Over the years GROWN AT HOME have had the pleasure of sharing stages with countless bands, from underground cult favourites to genuine household names. These include: Rx Bandits, Jimmy Eat World, Motion City Soundtrack, Lightyear, Big D & The Kids Table, The Aquabats!, Lagwagon, and even teenage-dirtbags and 90s one-hit wonders, Wheatus.

The band continued to tour throughout 2008 but as members struggled to balance the rigours of life on tour with other commitments, the decision was made to amicably part ways. In the Spring of 2009, after 6 years, over 250 shows, a dozen members, and far too many broken-down tour vans to count, GROWN AT HOME ultimately called it a day. 

From the band’s ashes rose Advantage, a passionate brass-driven rock group formed by three former members of GROWN AT HOME who very much followed in their forerunner’s footsteps. 

While they never quite broke into the bona fide big leagues, GROWN AT HOME achieved a great deal in their time together. They played countless memorable gigs and formed plenty of lifelong bonds across the stages and motorways of the UK. Ten years on from their final show, they left behind a proud legacy shaped by hard work, passion and, perhaps most crucially of all, a Sense of Humour

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